The June 25 Politics & the Nation article “Divided Senate confirms Trump’s 200th judicial pick for federal bench” noted that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) confirmed the most federal judges in 40 years, which is the most since Jimmy Carter and a little more than George H.W. Bush. But this is far fewer than recent two-term presidents. And this is the point.

A productive, vacancy-filling one-term president can’t match the vacancy-filling prowess of a two-term president. If President Trump goes down in flames, game over. And, in such a case, there is a good chance he will bring Republicans in the Senate down with him, too. Not only would Republicans lose legislative power, but also the long-term political damage could mean a longer-term shift to the left in the judiciary. If so, this would act as a clear lesson about the wisdom of short-term, destructive political tactics. Mr. McConnell may have been a master political tactician, but, ultimately, he may turn out to have been a very poor political strategist. We will find out in November.

Patrick Walker, Chapel Hill, N.C.