The June 24 news article “Police overhaul bill hits partisan stalemate in Senate” reported that, in contrast to the usual pathetic gridlock in the Senate, many states are moving rapidly to create a more humane and just framework for policing. New York, Colorado and even GOP-controlled Iowa have passed legislation. Even in Minnesota, where The Post reports the effort is “stalled,” at least there is a debate.  

Where is Maryland? Gov. Larry Hogan (R), Senate President Bill Ferguson (D) and House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones (D) have managed only words and study groups. The late speaker Michael E. Busch (D) and Senate President Emeritus Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D) had their flaws and sometimes blocked progressive legislation, but they knew how to get things done.

Marylanders need a special General Assembly session to deal with police reform and other pressing issues. Do we have leaders with the courage to lead us?

Randy Marks, Takoma Park