In his Feb. 15 op-ed, “Now begins McConnell’s project to shrink Trump’s influence,” George F. Will lionized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for his calculus in the grand plan to reduce former president Donald Trump’s influence within the Republican Party. And the potential for a binary Trump-McConnell choice was thrown in as a little support for the “long game” argument. But what is the long game? Doing what’s best for the country? Producing a health-care plan promised for the past 12 years but never letting it see the light of day? Certainly, it doesn’t include supporting science in trying to beat back the coronavirus and pandemic. Iowa and Montana have lifted mask restrictions. Mr. McConnell and others supported Mr. Trump overtly or with silent consent as he minimized the danger. If you drive the getaway car in a bank robbery, you are just as guilty.

And now, miraculously, the party has loosed the deficit hawks again. A conversion that seems to occur with any switch in leadership.

The attacks on the Affordable Care Act will continue, again, without a replacement. Millions have health care because of it, and millions have lost health care because of McConnell, et al.

Mr. Will genuflected at Mr. McConnell’s “long game.” If only it helped Americans.

Robert Passman, Millville, Del.