Regarding the July 10 Metro article “Tiny Clifton’s BLM banner draws a high-profile critic”:

In reaction to Ginni Thomas’s comments about the Black Lives Matter banner in Clifton, I can provide some context.

My great-great-grandfather Horace Weaver and great-great-uncle Virgil Weaver left their farm in 1860 in Fauquier County to join the 6th Virginia Cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart. Virgil Weaver was killed at Spotsylvania, but Horace Weaver survived the war. He settled in Clifton, and his family opened the Clifton General Store. The store was and is a central part of the community. (It is no longer owned by my family.) Having been raised by their descendants, and from everything I know about my family history, I am sure they would support the banner as an important step toward acknowledging racial injustice.

Bill Armstrong, Dayton