Regarding the July 6 front-page article “Atlantic Coast Pipeline canceled”:

In light of the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Virginia’s elected officials should be calling for the cancellation of the very similar Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Construction of the unnecessary Mountain Valley Pipeline should have been stopped long ago for ongoing violations of water protections and because the project lacks necessary permits for completion, which was also the case for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and a factor in its failure. Now, during a pandemic, the company constructing the Mountain Valley Pipeline is planning to stage 4,000 workers to increase work on the pipeline — putting workers and nearby communities at risk.

Equally shocking, an extension to the pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate, recently received initial approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, despite Virginia’s nearly flat energy load demand and in the face of Mountain Valley Pipeline’s record of noncompliance and loss of permits required to legally finish Southgate’s predecessor.

The case for cancellation of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and its Southgate extension is just as clear as it was for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. In a health crisis, the need to prevent further work on the project is more urgent than ever. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) should be publicly voicing the need for the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s cancellation, and they should be employing their considerable power to use Virginia’s legal and regulatory authority to stop further harm from the project.

Stacy Lovelace, Bedford, Va.