It is time to change the name of the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. It is scandalous that it remains named for an avowed racist who resegregated the U.S. government just because he could. I think it should be renamed for a feminist, a patriot, an emancipator and given a name that honors a simple maxim vital to American democracy.

The bridge linking Maryland and Virginia, North and South, should be named for Sojourner Truth. She exemplifies values that Americans cherish. She escaped slavery, fought and won a legal battle for her son’s freedom, recruited Union soldiers to crush the rebellion and free enslaved Americans, tended the wounded and historically spoke for the rights of all Americans, particularly women and racially identified oppressed people.

And in this peculiar time, I can’t think of a better symbol than the Truth Bridge as a vivid counterpoint to the rising fascist movement embodied by the president and his enablers.

Fred Perkins, McLean