Woodrow Wilson High School should be renamed for late D.C. Council member and chairman John Wilson. It would be a smooth transition and replace a racist honoree with a civil rights activist and leader.

Thomas A. Gentile, Silver Spring

Christopher L. Eisgruber’s June 29 op-ed, “Why Woodrow Wilson can no longer be our role model” was fascinating.  Good ol’ Shakespeare did it again: “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

Is there ever a balance?

Albert Jacobs, Silver Spring

Much ink is being spilled regarding President Woodrow Wilson’s racist ideology and his determined destruction of the black middle class that grew up in the District because of desegregation of the civil service. Yet little to no attention is paid to his equally determined opposition to the extension of the electoral franchise to women, a troglodytic impulse equal in destructiveness to the advance of human progress as his racist crusade. Possibly more light is due this aspect of his retrograde nature as we engage in a social comb-out.

Michael MacQueenUniversity Park