What a sad irony. On Veterans Day, the day to honor those men and women who served in our armed forces, the Republican Party was trying to upend American democracy. 

The Nov. 12 front-page article “Efforts to thwart Biden’s victory taking shape” reported that the GOP intends to bully Republican state legislators in Michigan and Pennsylvania to go against a majority of their citizens’ votes. Meanwhile, hundreds of Americans are dying of the novel coronavirus, the economy is tanking, and the nation’s security is at risk. Why is there such an effort by the Republicans to stage this coup? To give poor President Trump time to “process” his loss. This is not only pathetic but also dangerous. 

I suppose it is too late to ask that the Republicans pretend to be patriots because they have sought to appease the president for the past four years. Do they not care why our veterans fought for democracy? These post-election actions show that these Republicans, like their leader, consider the majority of Americans and our veterans to be “suckers” and “losers.”

Christine Lawrence, Bethesda

Reading Michele L. Norris’s Nov. 12 op-ed, “Biden is right that America needs to heal. Just not yet.,” I was struck by words that touch upon an increasing concern of mine.  Describing the Republican Party, she referred to “the party that . . . never misses an opportunity to fly 50 flags when a few would suffice.”

I grew up in a small town at a time when most of the dads (and some of the moms) were World War II veterans. On every national holiday, houses sprouted American flags. As far as a young person could tell, this was a universal demonstration of patriotism, not party loyalty. It was what everyone did.

I still put out my flag on national holidays. It seems like the right thing to do as an American, and it reminds me of those simpler times in small-town America. But I see fewer and fewer flags on each holiday. And when I hang mine out, I have a growing concern that many interpret it as a political statement and not a patriotic display.

I find it sad that our national symbol has seemingly morphed into a divisive symbol of party loyalty. I hope that with national healing we can re-appropriate the flag to everyone.

David Coon, Exeter, R.I.

I was terribly disappointed in highly respected George F. Will’s Nov. 12 op-ed praising Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), “Custodians of the Senate.” Mr. McConnell is the man who swore he would make Barack Obama a one-term president, who would not allow the consideration of a nomination of a qualified Supreme Court justice, who would not bring to the Senate the House-approved pandemic relief bill and who supported President Trump for his own purposes.

Mr. McConnell has been a disgrace, Mr. Will.

Howard Pedolsky, Rockville