The excellent Nov. 28 editorial “ ‘Give me your tired, your poor’ ” omitted two imperative executive policy fixes. First, Title 42 expulsions, a draconian Stephen Miller brainchild circumventing our asylum laws, with skyrocketing deportations, must stop. Second, daily Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation flights have spread the coronavirus worldwide. The disease is widespread in ICE detention facilities, but the agency doesn’t reliably test detainees before deporting them, merely taking temperatures in nearly all cases. Hundreds of ICE deportees have tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival in Guatemala, India, Colombia, Romania, El Salvador, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil and elsewhere. These practices are immoral and senseless from an epidemiological and security perspective. President-elect Joe Biden should stop both practices immediately and release most ICE detainees with appropriate safeguards.

Steven Forester, Miami Beach

The writer is immigration policy ­coordinator for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.

The Nov. 28 editorial on a needed overhaul to the U.S. immigration system was a compelling case for immigration policy reform, citing the harmful policies of the Trump White House as it argued for a higher refugee cap and expansive work permit grants. However, the piece concluded by calling for a return to a welcoming immigration policy, without examining the destructive policies of previous administrations. 

It’s imperative to understand Trump-era immigration policy as inhumane and simultaneously to note that a return to pre-Trump immigration policies is insufficient. The Obama administration oversaw hundreds of thousands of needless deportations and countless cases of illegal detentions. The George W. Bush administration, grappling with a post-9/11 America, adopted controversial racially charged approaches. We should aim not to go back but to go forward.

Americans, as a collective, must extend our advocacy for immigrants beyond superficial support. We should demand that the Biden White House craft policies that not only mitigate the harm of the Trump administration but also tangibly ameliorate the situation of immigrants and asylum seekers in a way that no administration has yet done. 

Anmol Goraya, Nashua, N.H.