Our current situation regarding minority rule is worse than Seth Masket identified in his Sept. 27 Outlook essay, “Courting disaster.” As he pointed out, “California has 68 times as many residents that Wyoming has.” Thus, if the Founders’ system of representation were still in place, California would have about 68 members of the House, and Wyoming would have one. Instead, California has 53. So, it is not only that “residents of rural, sparsely populated states are vastly overrepresented in the Senate,” but they are also vastly overrepresented in the House. 

When the number of members of the House was capped at 435, the consequence was to further overrepresent the rural states, thus taking the nation deeper into a minority rule, and as Mr. Masket wrote, a situation that is “unsustainable.” 

The easiest solution to the minority-rule dilemma is for the next Congress to exercise its right to increase the size of the House significantly so as to make the House, and thus the electoral college, more proportionally representative of the nation, as James Madison intended.

Don Reppy, Rehoboth Beach, Del.