As a taxpayer in Montgomery County, I appreciated reading the May 5 Metro article “Montgomery County to spend $500,000 on push for global pandemic center.” I expect the county to aggressively pursue such projects to attract jobs and enhance its tax base. However, the article really hit the nail on the head when it said that Montgomery County’s economy has stagnated in recent years and lagged behind those of D.C. and Northern Virginia.

So, the real issue here is not just sending money after a project. Rather, taxpayers need to know from their county leaders what is being done to change the reasons for the county’s stagnation so it can compete more effectively and successfully against our neighbors for quality projects such as the Global Pandemic Center.

Hopefully, The Post will follow this process as it unfolds and let us all know what Montgomery County is doing to attract more businesses than it has in the past.

Robert Posilkin, Bethesda