The Sept. 1 news article “ ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero arrested on terror charges,” which reported that Rwanda’s civil liberty-human rights hero of the 1994 genocide, Paul Rusesabagina, had been arrested by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau came as no surprise. In power for 20 years, Rwandan leader Paul Kagame and his party henchmen are being true to form of dictators who stifle and suppress other peoples’ rights in order to stay in office longer and longer. They fear a political challenge from the popular Mr. Rusesabagina. So the time-honored method of dictators is being applied: smear the potential rival, and put the opposition into jail.

I know and have spent time with Mr. Rusesabagina. A devotee of the late Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic, Mr. Rusesabagina is a member of the advisory board of the Washington-based American Friends of the Czech Republic, of which I am president, and has visited Prague on several occasions. I can vouch for his compelling character and activities on behalf of Western values associated with freedom and democracy.

Tom Dine, Washington