Regarding the June 24 Metro article “D.C. halts autonomous zone”:

Having been born in Rapid City, S.D., I am well aware of what the Caucasian race did to the native population. My father helped build the roads around Mount Rushmore and a dam near the Badlands. Like all lands we force Native Americans to live on, there is nothing but desolation and unproductive soil.

The sorrow of today is that the far right still cannot accept the fact that we have been a take, take, take society. The statue of Andrew Jackson is one of the most offensive statues in our nation’s capital. He attacked those trying to escape the harsh conditions imposed upon Native Americans. To have left it standing this long shows what a one-sided look at history we have practiced. For the president to protect that aspect of history shows his bias.

History must be taught by encompassing the good, bad and ugly. Only by studying it can we aspire to live up to equal rights for all. We do not have to embrace the wrong path of the past; we can stand up for right.

Roland Swanson, Silver Spring