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Opinion The feds can lead the way on returning to work

New York Avenue and 13th Street NW on March 9 in D.C.
New York Avenue and 13th Street NW on March 9 in D.C. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)
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Regarding the April 22 Metro article “In D.C., vacant offices tee up difficult decisions”:

The pandemic-induced office vacancy problem in D.C. continues to represent a major threat to its tax base and financial well-being. Restaurants, bars and hotels are desperate for the large-scale return of customers. The article noted that the federal government is the largest leaseholder in D.C., representing about 16 percent of the total office space. I am sure the public would like to learn more about the status of the federal government’s plans to return much of its workforce to downtown. Leadership on this issue, and even substantial public discussion, are severely lacking. 

Given the availability of vaccinations, I think that, certainly by late summer, much of the federal workforce could return at least a few days per week. It is time for the federal government to lead on this issue. This will be key to a timely comeback.

Bob Hugman, Woodbridge

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