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Opinion The high cost of working from home

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Though it was interesting, I found Sergio Peçanha’s Nov. 12 Friday Opinion column,“How much of your life will you lose by going back to the office?,” a bit naive. I anticipate numerous sociological/psychological studies to come on the implications of the social isolation because of the lack of co-workers reengaged in in-person settings as a result of working from home. Working from home in pajamas may be popular, but there are deep-seated issues at stake here that Mr. Peçanha failed to address.

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the reduction of cars, trucks and buses on the road is one issue. But the flip side is that the long-term implications on the commercial real estate sector and the tremendous investment companies currently have in brick-and-mortar workplaces and the overhead associated with paying rent and mortgages on empty or near-empty buildings have yet to be factored in.

The vibrancy of city economies associated with employees working in offices also wasn’t considered. This post-pandemic seismic shift in the workforce economy has yet to be examined from all the perspectives it affects. The light at the end of the work-from-home pandemic tunnel may be an oncoming train.

 Jared Fast, Marriottsville