Regarding David Ignatius’s June 24 op-ed, “Trump, corruption and Turkey”:

It is baseless to suggest that the Turkey-U.S. Business Council (TAIK) or I receive favorable treatment from President Trump or hold influence over him. Mr. Trump and I met in 2008, worked together once and remain friendly. I have not received special access as a result. Communication between me or TAIK and the U.S. government occurs through proper channels. Our activities are public.

TAIK’s mission is to advance trade and economic cooperation between our countries. We are not state-sponsored, as Mr. Ignatius asserted, but are entirely member-funded. Our members include recognizable companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Ford. Even Godiva is owned by a TAIK member. We have been around since 1985.

Far from the shadows, we market our export industries, encourage U.S.-to-Turkey imports and promote investment. We believe the potential for trade growth is enormous and would benefit both economies, especially as the United States decouples from China. Our mission is rooted in a belief that a strong U.S.-Turkey relationship is positive for world stability.

Mehmet Ali Yalcindag, Istanbul

The writer, a former business partner
of President Trump, is chairman of the
Turkey-U.S. Business Council.