The July 20 front-page article “Syria’s camps harden into cities” painted a picture of the suffering many Syrians are going through. The plight of Bailasan, 8, who was in danger of losing her leg, is only one of many tragic stories — stories The Post has not been energetic in sharing.

We Syrians of all sects and political views have failed Bailasan by not reconciling. Russia and the United States have also not cooperated on this tragedy — to the detriment of humanity, not just Syrians. No problem is too difficult when the right efforts are made. It is in both Russia’s and the United States’ interest to cooperate to alleviate this suffering and find a just and equitable solution. Americans, especially Syrian Americans, must roll up their sleeves and engage without prejudice.

I pray that we all, people and governments, will be able to put differences aside and work cooperatively. Syrians such as Bailasan deserve our immediate intervention.

Ayman Hakki, Falls Church