In his June 18 Friday Opinion column, “How to help Taiwan push back against China,” Josh Rogin clearly pointed out that failing to respond robustly to China’s increasing aggression and threats to democracy only invites more such actions. Beijing’s blatant interference in Taiwan’s efforts to tackle the coronavirus outbreak is a chilling case in point.

Despite growing concerns over China’s aggressive behaviors while most countries struggle to battle the pandemic, Beijing continues its relentless campaign to isolate Taiwan from the international community, including crucial global health institutions such as the World Health Organization, and has significantly increased its political, economic and military coercion toward Taiwan.

Thanks to the generosity of the American people and the rock-solid support across the Biden administration and Congress, a timely donation of 2.5 million doses of lifesaving vaccines arrived in Taipei on June 20. The vaccine doses are a reassuring gesture of U.S. global leadership. As the health and resilience of our society recover, Taiwan is committed to a continuing partnership with the United States as a force for good in the global fight against the coronavirus. Democracies help each other, and democracies are stronger together.

Bi-khim Hsiao, Washington

The writer is the representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States.