There is nothing more certain in politics than the GOP’s unwavering support for the Second Amendment and the predictable attack line that the Democrats want to end it. It was surprising, therefore, to read in the May 9 Metro article, “Thousands vote in Va. for GOP nominees,” an account of the Virginia Republican Party’s convention to choose its candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in the November elections. Gun-rights advocate Brandon Howard was told that he could not vote in person unless he left his holstered pistol in his truck. Mr. Howard had his attorney call the Virginia Republican offices and demand that his constitutional rights be recognized.  According to the article, this was the response given to Howard’s lawyer by GOP chief teller Rita Schiff: “We just don’t want guns in precincts. It makes everyone uncomfortable.”  

Unarguably logical, isn’t it? The same could be said about guns in schools, shopping malls or, in fact, any public place. Maybe things are just different when the shoe is on the other foot — or when the gun is in someone else’s hand.

George ChuziMcLean

Regarding Robert McCartney’s May 10 Regional Memo, “GOP activists still don’t believe that Biden won”:

I was a delegate and cast my ballot to the Republican Party of Virginia’s convention on May 8 in Lynchburg. I am proud to have been a part of the process, but, apparently, I was the only realist in the convention. Over the several weeks in which I was inundated by political campaign propaganda, I replied to each and every email and text — there must have been more than 100. In each of my communications, I requested of the candidate an answer to my one question: “Who won the Presidential Election in 2020?”

Not a single candidate answered nor responded.  That is not a hard question. I just wanted them to have the courage to say what they believed.

All the candidates in the statewide nomination convention failed a basic test on liberty and courage.

The Republican Party in Virginia is lost in the past and appears to have no future.

Richard MillarMoneta, Va.