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Opinion White’s Ferry is critical transit that has been disrupted for too long

A detour sign announcing that White's Ferry is closed on U.S. 15 in Virginia in January.
A detour sign announcing that White's Ferry is closed on U.S. 15 in Virginia in January. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)
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Regarding the April 25 Metro article “Montgomery, Loudoun looking to reopen White’s Ferry”:

The Fair Access Committee for Western Montgomery County, which I chair, is pleased to see leaders in both Loudoun and Montgomery counties focusing on ensuring that White’s Ferry reopens permanently. As with many issues affecting our area, this matter is unique, involving private owners who jointly manage a major connection point for our area’s “main street” that links both counties.

The disruption has gone on for months and is, frankly, outrageous. This is more than a private-sector dispute. White’s Ferry is a public service linking two public roads connecting two counties in two states and normally handles hundreds of cars each day.

White’s Ferry is a critical public transportation route that saves hundreds of thousands of additional miles from being traveled and carbon dioxide emitted, so our government leaders are responsible for helping resolve this dispute. A main road in our area is continuing to be held hostage, and government intervention appears to be the only remaining option to restore this critical connection between Maryland and Virginia. The study Loudoun and Montgomery counties proposed is well intended but will take months to conclude. That may be the only way to show both parties involved that this is serious and involves thousands of people who deserve service.

Link Hoewing, Beallsville

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