Regarding Kavita Patel’s Aug. 29 op-ed, “We need clear booster shot planning”:

It is of questionable morality and self-interest to plan a booster shot campaign in the United States when millions of our sisters and brothers around the world have no possibility of vaccines anytime soon. Some experts estimate 2024 as the year when, at the current rate, the rest of the world might be vaccinated. 

Not even considering the suffering and death this statistic represents, think of the opportunities the coronavirus will have to develop additional variants, some of which could be far more transmissible and lethal than delta. As an 83-year-old woman with a serious lung condition, I am quite aware that the waning immunity of the two shots I have received puts me at risk for contracting the virus. I almost certainly would be a candidate for the booster. And yet, what about the poor countries right here in our own hemisphere — Haiti, for example? Do we just avert our eyes? I believe this is a dilemma with which we should all struggle.

Angela Miotto, Silver Spring