The headline of The Post’s Dec. 14 editorial “Liberals unbalanced” maligned liberals while conflating us with the Democratic leadership.

The Democrats take the admirable but insufficient position of “Don’t mess with Social Security and Medicare.” Liberals, in contrast, have proposed specific remedies for strengthening both programs and improving their fiscal soundness.

For Social Security, we propose lifting or eliminating the cap on the amount of income subject to the payroll tax. For Medicare, we say don’t raise the age of eligibility; instead, lower it to zero by enacting improved Medicare for All, which will help control costs, simplify our hodgepodge of a health-care system and cover everyone. At a minimum, control costs by allowing Medicare to offer a prescription drug program directly, negotiating lower costs, as the Department of Veterans Affairs does.

The media keep saying that these ideas are politically unrealistic. If they seem unrealistic, that is because the media seldom cover what liberals propose, rendering our positions invisible. How about reporting what liberals are in fact proposing? 

Mary von Euler, Bethesda

The writer is secretary of Americans for Democratic Action.