A self-proclaimed white nationalist in Gainesville, Fla., on Oct. 19. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

In his Nov. 5 Outlook column, "How racist trolls will upend America, with or without Trump," Carlos Lozada reviewed three books on the alt-right while sanitizing the alt-right. These people don't simply "want nonwhites out of the country"; they want a fascist regime to re-enslave black Americans, force nonwhites into concentration camps and ethnically cleanse the United States of Hispanics, Muslims and Jews. That Richard Spencer wants to lock up black America is undisputed.

Lozada, like much of the mainstream media, fails to connect these toxic ideas to the toxic success stories of the alt-right. In polite society, the re-enslavement of blacks is called "prison labor." Mass incarceration, in concert with hyper-low-pay prison labor programs, warms the hearts of alt-right sociopaths. In polite society, ethnic cleansing is called "immigration reform" and emergent fascism is "voter suppression."

While none of these policies goes as far as the alt-right would wish, they are extreme. President Trump, for example, is calling for a massive increase in immigration detention centers. The Post must abandon the liberal myth. The myth that everything is basically okay, that we need only to remove a few bad apples, has become a danger to our democracy.

Jonathan Krall, Alexandria

The writer is a co-founder of Grassroots Alexandria.