On Saturday morning I came upon people walking on Rolling Road, a four-lane divided thoroughfare in the West Springfield area of Fairfax County. I glanced to my right and saw why: I was passing a complex of county facilities — West Springfield High School, a fire station and a governmental center — and although it had been two days since the snowstorm, no attempt had been made to clear the sidewalks in front of any of these buildings.

Every time it snows, Fairfax County pressures residents to clean their walks for the benefit of students and others. Shouldn’t the county set a good example by cleaning the walks in front of the schools and other county buildings?

Donald Frederick, Burke

It’s all well and good to remind property owners in the District that, by law, the sidewalks in front of their homes must be cleared of snow within a set time or they risk a fine. But what about public sidewalks surrounding parks, circles, etc., that are D.C. or National Park Service property? They remain impassable for days, forcing difficult detours.

John Peters Irelan, Washington