The police department is supposed to be collecting and sharing data on the controversial tactic. Until it does, it should stop.

Mayor Bowser’s change in handling felon-in-possession gun crimes shoots the city in the foot.

Gambling brings too many problems to be worth the revenue.

My disabled son aged out of school. Now what?

For 50 years, the emergency line saw little technological advancement. That's changing.

  • Adrian Fenty
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State lawmakers should give local districts the authority to determine when academic years begin and end.

Virginia’s governor and lieutenant governor can’t simply hunker down; they need to address the accusations against them.

The District’s threat to force Metro to restore later hours could sidetrack the transit system’s ability to perform necessary preventive maintenance.

If the lieutenant governor does not resign, the state should undertake an immediate inquiry into the accusations against him.

Federal officials’ promise to make D.C. gun crime a priority should be applauded, not derided

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“A community in a community,” the Feb. 13 Metro article about Jillian and Scott Copeland’s efforts to provide schooling for their son with disabilities and housing as he reaches adulthood, brought...

In his Feb. 11 op-ed, “Racism, rape and judging the past,” Fred Hiatt presented several questions that seem relevant when judging reports of past sins by current politicians. I would add anoth...

Regarding the Feb. 14 Metro article “Churchill High students disciplined for giving out ‘n-word passes’ ”: I am an alumna of Winston Churchill High School, and I was not surprised by news of th...

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced that he is going on a “reconciliation tour” that will take him around Virginia to engage in conversations about race and healing [“Is redemption for racis...

I grew up in Frederick. I know how important parkland is for preserving open spaces and for preserving our nation’s history. I disagree with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) land-swap deal, exchang...

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This week’s “Free for All” letters.

This week’s “Free for All” letters.

This week’s “Free for All” letters.

This week’s “Free for All” letters.

This week’s “Free for All” letters.

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