A local Audubon Society has already changed its name

Keeping the name of an enslaver didn't seem a good fit.

Letters to the EditorMarch 20, 2023

The Nationals should drop their MASN complaints

The Lerners made an agreement to get baseball in D.C. They should live up to that agreement.

Letters to the EditorMarch 20, 2023

D.C. statehood no longer is a negotiation. It’s a fight.

Congress is given the power to intervene in our affairs at will by the Constitution. We must always be conscious of the consequences that entails.

Letters to the EditorMarch 20, 2023

Montgomery County should adopt ranked-choice voting. So should everyplace else.

The voting method makes it more likely winners reflect the public's true preferences.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 20, 2023

Montgomery is about to see rents skyrocket

Council members are suggesting that rents be raised astronomically, and then are asking Maryland taxpayers to help pay these exorbitant costs.

Letters to the EditorMarch 19, 2023

The GOP’s attacks on D.C. home rule are just getting started

The city shouldn’t allow itself to be reduced to a punching bag on Capitol Hill, at least not without a fight.

By Colbert I. KingMarch 17, 2023

Don’t forget these details about the revised D.C. criminal code

The solution to the misdemeanor jury trial issue becomes obvious.

Letters to the EditorMarch 17, 2023

The conditions at the D.C. jail should be investigated

If the Jan. 6 defendants are the catalyst, so be it.

Letters to the EditorMarch 17, 2023

Youngkin was evasive throughout his ‘town hall’

He dodged a question from a transgender student and about teaching history.

Letters to the EditorMarch 17, 2023

Put an end to single-family zoning in Arlington

Thumbs up for Arlington County’s plan for greater housing density.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 17, 2023

20th-century rules for 20th-century weapons

Even the "originalists" on the Supreme Court should see the logic in that.

Letters to the EditorMarch 16, 2023

The FBI’s new headquarters should be in Springfield

The Fairfax County site is the only one that satisfies all the criteria.

By Glenn Youngkin, Tim Kaine and Mark R. WarnerMarch 16, 2023

Diners don’t want to be surprised by service fees

The growth of fees will hurt the industry in the long run.

By Chris J. KennedyMarch 16, 2023

Collective bargaining helps students as much as teachers

Teacher working conditions are student learning conditions.

Letters to the EditorMarch 14, 2023

I helped revise the D.C. criminal code. Biden and Bowser are wrong.

Rejection of the city's criminal code overhaul saddles residents with a legal framework ill-suited to the times.

By Paul ButlerMarch 14, 2023

Fairfax County supervisors are asking for too much money

A 37 to 45 percent raise is outrageous, especially given the 2 percent raise suggested for firefighters.

Letters to the EditorMarch 13, 2023

Montgomery’s housing issues won’t be solved with rent caps

By 2040, we will need about 60,000 more units.

Letters to the EditorMarch 12, 2023

Virginia finally curbs solitary confinement — but not enough

Virginia’s General Assembly has passed legislation aimed at trying to end the use of punitive solitary confinement in the commonwealth’s prisons.

By the Editorial BoardMarch 10, 2023

Keep your religion out of my rights

Medical aid in dying is not a religious issue.

Letters to the EditorMarch 10, 2023

Fairfax police must implement chase reforms now

A policy change proposed in 2021 could have saved lives.

Letters to the EditorMarch 10, 2023