Regarding the April 29 front-page article “A ghost town for gas seekers”:

As a Kensington resident, I’ve been feeling pain at the pump (or lack thereof) just up the road from Bethesda. I’ve watched one gas station after another shut its doors, and on several occasions I have fallen victim to empty tank syndrome as I commuted to work and drove my kids’ carpool. I have closely followed the Costco gas station debate and supported the effort to bring a new, lower-cost fuel option to the Westfield Wheaton Mall; I just don’t understand what the controversy is about.

Whether the Montgomery County Planning Department likes it or not, gas stations are a necessity. Montgomery Council member Roger Berliner (D-Potomac-Bethesda) told The Post that gas stations are not “something you want on your main commercial street,” but why not allow a filling station to be built within the confines of a shopping mall?

Jaime Garcia, Kensington