In his May 3 op-ed, “Scare tactics didn’t work,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) accused President Obama of conducting a “ ‘sequester’ scare campaign.” Yet the senator — and all of us — should have been scared already, because the consequences suffered by our nation’s poor children are far scarier than delayed flights.

By the end of the year, an estimated 70,000 preschoolers will lose places in Head Start. Head Start isn’t simply day care. It’s a specialized education program for preschoolers in need. Parents learn the difference between discipline and abuse. Teachers monitor kids for malnutrition. Children learn their letters, but also respect and love.

It actually saves our country money to make such an investment early in students’ lives, so that we don’t pay more in social services when problems are harder to fix. This problem affects all American parents when our children sit side by side in public schools.

Members of Congress need to cease finger-pointing and start fixing the harm we’re doing to our most vulnerable citizens.

Cynthia Changyit Levin,

Town and Country, Mo.

The writer is an anti-poverty activist with RESULTS.