Virginia Republicans may indeed have already begun, as The Post so aptly put it, “digging themselves deeper into a hole of their own making ” [“ The GOP’s war on voters ,” editorial, Aug 15]. My 89-year-old father, a lifelong Republican who never missed voting in an election since he was first eligible to vote in 1946, may be forced to sit November’s out, thanks to those rascals in Richmond and their new voter rules aimed squarely at disenfranchisement.

Before my father was 21 and eligible to vote, he survived the Depression and the kamikaze dive-bombing of his ship, the USS Blue Ridge, during World War II. Today he no longer holds a valid driver’s license, the photo identification he thought he would present to election officials on Election Day. And, he doesn’t hold a current passport, military ID or any other form of photo identification except that old driver’s licence.

Thanks to the Republicans, my father, who served this country well and who is as mentally sharp as anyone I know, no longer can vote in Virginia. “Really?” he said to me, after I’d explained the details of the law and read The Post’s editorial to him. “Really, Daddio,” I said to him, after which followed a long, painful pause.

Rosanne Scott, Alexandria