There is no more powerful engine of equity and social mobility in this country than higher education. The March 28 Metro article “A door that would open more doors” offered a good look at how many selective institutions are working hard, student by student, to ensure that their campuses reflect our nation’s diversity and provide a springboard for progress and opportunity for Americans from all walks of life.

It also is important to note that the efforts described are out of necessity student-by-student — labor-intensive handicraft rather than mass production — but also highly effective. There are hundreds of schools from across the diverse spectrum of the higher-education landscape, from community colleges to regional state universities to small colleges and faith-based institutions, that have been for many years offering avenues for postsecondary education to tens of thousands of low-income and middle-class students.   Making sure that all types of students have a place in higher education and helping them succeed once they are on campus are vital. The work that this article highlighted is significant and necessary, and I hope it spurs more such efforts.  

Ted Mitchell, Washington

The writer is president of the
American Council on Education.