There’s a bumper sticker I occasionally see that reads, “If You Love Your Freedom, Thank a Vet.”

I suggest that if you love your freedom, consider becoming a vet. Think about donning a uniform yourself, or talk to your children about joining the military after high school or college. Citizenship comes with responsibilities, such as voting, obeying the law, respecting the rights of others and defending the republic. Somebody has to do it. Why not you? Why not your kid?

The fact is that we need most people to be productive members of the private sector, engaging honorably in the commerce that drives our economy. We should rightly respect those who choose to contribute in ways other than military service. Choosing the uniform is a very personal decision. Indeed, it is a choice that we are blessed to have; some nations still have universal compulsory military service.

Unfortunately, however, I think many — if not most — people don’t make a choice not to serve; they never consider it among their options in the first place. 

Peter Haas, Manassas