Thanks to Chris Cox for making good use of his resources and setting a great example of stewardship [“One-citizen cleanup crew chips in around memorial,” news, Oct. 10].

While I believe in adequately compensating government workers to maintain public places, we all need to accept responsibility. Investing in our neighborhoods is as important as investing in our families and planet. Just picking up trash, planting a tree or mowing a senior’s lawn can improve the look of (and our pride in) our community.

At this time of furloughed public servants, it is refreshing to see someone stick his neck out for the rest of us.

Christine Matthews, Washington

Kudos to Chris Cox and his American attitude of taking care of his own, this being our own backyard. How many of us say we should do something and then time passes or we let someone else do it? Mr. Cox did what we all want to do. We hope those in power will take a lesson from him.

Jim and Mary Pat Toner, Dumfries

Yes, it’s us (Jim & Mary Pat Toner) and no other organization had anything to do with it. It was emailed only to the Washington Post; we represent only us.

Phone number is 703 590-8025 (we will be out of the country from October 16th (afternoon) to October 28th, in case you do need to contact us. Altho there’s not much verbiage to edit.

Thanks for the consideration.

Jim & Mary Pat,