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Opinion Marc Elrich’s comment about millennials speaks volumes

Then-Montgomery County Council member Marc Elrich in Rockville in 2017.
Then-Montgomery County Council member Marc Elrich in Rockville in 2017. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich (D) should be ashamed of himself for his disparaging comments about millennials [“Elrich takes heat for remark about ‘millennials,’ ” Metro, Jan. 18]. Those are our children he is talking about — lifelong county residents who graduated from Montgomery County schools. Mr. Elrich made it most clear there is no room in his county vision for them.

It is no wonder they won’t come back. Some may think all that money in public education is wasted because our graduates cannot afford to or don’t want to live here anymore. I guess Mr. Elrich will be happy only when the county is populated by the old and the poor. A great tax base that will provide.

Pablo Collins, Kensington

I was very much put off, but unfortunately not surprised, by Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich’s (D) remarks pertaining to affordable housing and millennials. I am a 26-year resident of the county, a small-business owner and past board president of the Manna Food Center and the Rockville Chamber of Commerce. Most important, I am also the father of two beautiful and hard-working millennial daughters.

I know some county residents view development and business as necessary evils that should be tightly controlled and isolated; our new executive represents that thought. I did not know that millennials stand in the way of affordable housing.

I am well aware of the threats the county faces. Hunger, homelessness and lack of affordable housing are all very real, and how we deal with these issues, especially in the eastern part of the county, will determine the face of the county over the next few years and decades.

For 15 years, the tenet by which I have run my business is to build community by knocking down artificial silos and empowering people to dialogue with one another.

It is my fervent hope that, moving forward, Mr. Elrich will join the fight in knocking down silos, not create new ones.  

Jeff Miller, Rockville