Marc Elrich at a Montgomery County executive debate in October 2017. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

The July 12 editorial “Mr. Elrich, poised to lead Montgomery?” properly characterized Democratic Montgomery County executive nominee Marc Elrich as being far left, unwilling to compromise and willing to placate anti-growth homeowner groups. 

The editorial noted that Mr. Elrich now recognizes that a certain amount of growth is necessary to provide tax money to fund needed educational programs. However, it failed to recognize that adopting Mr. Elrich’s positions would result in Montgomery County increasingly becoming a “bedroom community” where people live but don’t necessarily work, shop or entertain themselves. Such a result is completely incompatible with any notion of “smart growth” and would result in unsustainable, increased traffic congestion as county residents attempt to access jobs and amenities in other jurisdictions by automobile and would, in effect, cede both wealth and jobs to Prince George’s and Fairfax counties. The only reasonable solution is to ensure, to the extent possible, that residents are able to access jobs and shopping that are as close as possible to where they live. 

Bruce N. Shulman, Silver Spring