The Aug. 18 front-page article “ Bid to allow some married priests engages celibacy debate ” mistook the forest for the trees.

The Vatican’s October meeting on the Amazon region is an opportunity for the Catholic Church and the world to listen to the perspective of marginalized people, including indigenous communities, and respond to the exploitation of the natural world.

The article eschewed the fact that the October meeting has broad support within the Catholic Church and that the proposal to allow priests to marry in short-staffed regions is a footnote on its agenda. The meeting is taking its cue from indigenous and marginalized communities. We should be quoting those voices.

As a Catholic, this meeting gives me hope. Not because it may approve this or that specific proposal, but because it’s a model for others: One of the most powerful institutions in the world is taking seriously its responsibility to learn from indigenous communities and care for the planet. Others should follow suit.

Wesley Cocozello, Washington

The writer works for Missionary Society of St. Columban, a Catholic organization that has a presence in the Amazon.