I couldn’t stop laughing as I read about the antics of the Maryland House of Delegates trying desperately to force God out of the state’s public life [“Bless this house,” Metro, March 10]. The House’s “approved prayer” guidelines appear to be a high-water mark in First Amendment sensitivity. The feigned tolerance of reaching halfway across the country for a prayer from a Native American tribe with no discernible Maryland connection is worthy of any fourth-grader. My favorite, though, was the desk-lid slamming to suppress unfashionable prayers.

Unfortunately, while the House’s antics are silly, the political agenda behind them is not. Historically, efforts to force God out of the public square inevitably are linked with threats to life and liberty.

The House, while failing to restore the Maryland economy and protect Maryland families and children, poses a real threat to the liberties and property of all Marylanders and, in the case of unborn Marylanders, to their very lives. Democratic Party control of the House for as long as anyone can remember has provided moments of good theater, but the cost to Marylanders has been high and is mounting.

Paul Schilling, Bethesda