The March 31 Metro article “Maryland Assembly near deal on voting” noted the concern of some Republican lawmakers that same-day voter registration could lead to fraud. This fear is unfounded.

Ten states and the District have adopted same-day registration during early voting or on Election Day. They have seen higher numbers in voter participation and almost no voter fraud. Potential voters register in person and attest to their identity directly to an election official, under penalty of law. Anyone who tries to vote in one state and then another in the same election faces large fines and jail time.

Same-day registration has allowed thousands of eligible voters who have moved — often students, job-seekers and foreclosure victims — to vote. In North Carolina, almost 98,000 voters used same-day registration in November. All Marylanders would benefit from this expansion of voter access.

Robert M. Brandon, Washington

The writer is president of the Fair Elections Legal Network.