Regarding Sally Quinn’s April 13 On Faith column, “Regret looms in future for opponents of gay rights”:

To quote my long-deceased mother, “If everybody jumps off the roof, are you going to follow?” Right and wrong are not a matter of majority rule. Morality comes from a deeper understanding of what is called “natural law,” from what God has revealed and from what tradition has taught through the ages.

I cannot believe that I will ever be ashamed of doing what my well-informed conscience tells me, nor do I believe that my children or grandchildren will be ashamed of me for staying true to the teachings of my faith. My hope is that they will say of me what Saint Paul said in farewell: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Michael Finnegan, Kensington

Regarding the April 13 news article “RNC calls on Supreme Court to uphold ‘sanctity of marriage’ ”:

Unless Congress revokes the separation of church and state, the Supreme Court has no business upholding the “sanctity” of anything.

It seems to me that the Republican National Committee wants to impose religious principles on civil society. While most, if not all, religious marriage ceremonies are recognized for civil purposes (after the completion of the appropriate paperwork), not all civil marriages are recognized by all religions, including heterosexual marriages. 

The Supreme Court should look at marriage as a civil process and let individual religious groups decide how to deal with whatever they decide.

Mary Naughton, St. Petersburg, Fla.