The Post’s coverage of property acquisition for the Purple Line light rail project [“Out-of-date Purple Line list sparks concerns,” Metro, Feb. 16] may have left the impression that Maryland Transit Administration has not kept communities informed about the project. In fact, since we picked the current alignment in 2009, we have held more than 110 community meetings to share our plans and receive input. Our plans clearly show any private property that would be affected. Together with further development of engineering plans, public input has allowed us to steadily reduce the amount of property affected.

While we would like to build the rail line without acquiring any property, this is not possible in the built-up corridor between New Carrollton and Bethesda. What we do instead is address communities in an open, honest and uniform manner. Our public involvement efforts and engineering refinements will continue until early 2013, when the final environmental impact statement is published, and only then can we publish a definitive list of affected properties. In the meantime, we are available to meet and share our draft drawings.

Henry Kay, Baltimore

The writer is executive director for transit development and delivery at the Maryland Transit Administration.