The University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. (iStock)

Regarding the July 2 news article “Alaska university system braces for ‘devastating’ 41% cut in state funding”:

So let me get this straight. The Alaska university system is in full panic mode because of a possibility of a 41 percent cut in state funding. Meanwhile, Alaska has no state income tax, no sales tax, the lowest tax on gasoline in the nation and is scheduled to provide $3,000 per resident for its annual oil dividend.

In addition, the University of Alaska has among the lowest state university tuitions in the United States at $5,352 per year, 24 percent lower than the national average.

Regardless of which political party has control of finances and budget approval in the state, you can’t expect services such as education to be funded at the present level without income to cover the cost.

I suggest Alaska join the rest of the states and work to resolve the budget shortfall by having its residents taxed appropriately. There is no free ride. Services such as education cost money, and you can’t expect to have those services without paying for them in the form of some tax revenue.

Frank Giancola, Centreville

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