Last weekend was another in a seemingly endless succession of Metrorail service disruptions for track maintenance. I would like to thank the front-line Metrorail and Metrobus employees, who spent the weekend helping confused riders reach their destinations. I am sorry you had to do so under needlessly difficult conditions created by the continued mismanagement by Metro officials.

As a rider, I witnessed firsthand the confusion created by Metro’s decision to have Yellow Line trains travel a different route: between Eastern Market and Huntington. Any reasonable person would have called this something like a “Blue Line Special,” and station announcements should have identified these trains as, for example, a “Blue Line Special from Eastern Market to Huntington by way of Rosslyn.”

Metro should simply not have expected the general public, both experienced riders and visitors, to deduce that a train that travels through 20 stations, 18 of them Blue Line stations, is a Yellow Line train.

Darian Glover, Washington