Regarding the July 29 editorial “Metrorail monikers”:

Besides better names for stations, Metro should add something at the street exits of every Metro stop that clearly indicates direction.

For the non-commuter and tourist travelers, if you can tell by the maps that you are north of the White House or wherever you are going, you still need to know which way to go.  On cloudy, rainy days or at night, that is not at all obvious when you exit a station. Have a contest to design a beautiful compass rose and install them at the exits.

Bill Mooney, Olney

●Regarding the July 28 Metro article “Bethesda to get new escalators”:

I’ve lived in Bethesda since 1975. I watched the construction of Bethesda’s Metro station. Between 1988 and 2002 my law firm was located downtown, and I commuted via Metrorail each day. Sometime in the 1990s I started keeping track of whether the platform and street escalators would stay operable in both directions for an entire workweek. It never happened.

During this nearly decade-long marathon of predictably erratic service, I remember emerging one morning at Farragut North to find a Metro employee taking a survey of rider satisfaction. Turned out, the man was the general manager himself. After I answered his questions, I asked him, facetiously of course, how one could win a contract for escalator maintenance. The situation looked ideal: plentiful work and no requirement that the job ever be completed. Visibly unamused, he responded as if I had never asked the question.

Barry Shanoff, Bethesda