Former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg is doing to the primary process what James Holzhauer did to “Jeopardy!” — change how the game is played. Mr. Holzhauer began games by choosing questions at the bottom of the Jeopardy! board, going after big dollars and Daily Doubles. This unsettled competitors who preferred starting at the top of the categories with easier responses (but associated smaller payoffs). Even Ken Jennings, who defeated Mr. Holzhauer in the recent “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time” competition, had to adopt many of Mr. Holzhauer’s tactics to beat him.

Mr. Bloomberg is skipping the early debates and the first four Democratic contests where only 155 delegates are at stake. Instead, he is focusing down the board on March 3, known as Super Tuesday, when 1,357 delegates will be awarded. Like Mr. Holzhauer, who went “all in” on his large Daily Double wagers, Mr. Bloomberg is similarly using his assets and going all in for a Super Tuesday payoff.

Paul Horn, Bethesda