Regarding Tom LoBianco’s Oct. 13 Outlook essay, “Five Myths: Mike Pence”:

Vice President Pence promoted a religious-freedom law that is among the most intolerant toward LGBTQ people in the United States. LGTBQ people are being denied employment and essential health coverage because of religious-freedom laws. He opposed gay and lesbian marriage. He opposed gay and lesbian people serving in the military. Mr. Pence serves in an administration that has removed protections for LGBTQ people from employment discrimination and that is banning transgender people from serving in the military. His wife works at a school that requires employees to affirm in writing that they will not in engage in homosexual acts or have a transgender identity and even threatens to expel students whose parents condone homosexual acts.

That he is reportedly able to be civil to LGBTQ people while performing official duties does not make him any less hateful or homophobic.

Frank Caesar Branchini, Edgewater