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Opinion Millennials can’t blame generations before for everything that’s wrong

Customers at Sweetgreen in Washington in 2017.
Customers at Sweetgreen in Washington in 2017. (Dixie D. Vereen/For The Washington Post)
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Catherine Rampell, in her Dec. 7 op-ed, “Kids these days aren’t the problem,” posited that millennials are being blamed for all of society’s woes, but, in the end, her argument was nothing more than a reverse continuation of the finger-pointing she feels from older generations. 

By the way, how can a generation be broke and simultaneously be the chief consumers of overpriced kale salads at Sweetgreen? Debt of any form — be it student or consumer — can get paid down much more quickly by personal responsibility and thrift, including, say, preparing one’s own meals. But that’s such an old-fashioned notion now, isn’t it?

Matthew D. Lewis, Olney