Young people meet for lunch in Washington’s Farragut Square in 2013. (Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post)

The Rev. H. Lionel Edmonds’s warning, as reported in the May 13 front-page article “D.C.-area Amazon could be boon, bane,” about Amazon coming to the area and possibly creating “a millennials’ oasis, a little Amazon island of these folks making $100,000 a year, surrounded by people making less than half of that, or even a third of that,” is typical when referencing millennials. We are somehow constantly talked about negatively. Yet some of the “people making less than half of that, or even a third,” are millennials.

Let us not forget that millennials graduated from college during the Great Recession and couldn’t find jobs. We are not all making $100,000 a year. And those of us who are had to work jobs out of college that most definitely did not require that college degree we had just earned. We deserve those $100,000-a-year jobs now. But what do I know? I’m just another opinionated millennial.

Katie Myers, Springfield