Regarding Alexandra Petri’s Feb. 16 op-ed column, “State of the millennial union: Underemployed and overlooked”:

Ms. Petri is right: We aren’t the Woodstock or draft-card-burning generation. We are a generation of narcissists, who indulge in sending indecent digital pictures of ourselves, ranting on social media and doing our best to ensure that everyone knows where we are, who we’re with, what we’re wearing and what we’re doing.

We are also a generation of entitle-ists. From high school, where simply showing up deserves an A or B, to college, where fraternity parties and beer pong are the focus, it’s no wonder few of us can find jobs to pay off the outrageous student loans we never should have taken to begin with.

Most pitiful, though, is the fact we are the generation who, after four years, still believe the president can and should fix everything, give us all jobs and lead the world in a chorus of “Kumbaya.” Maybe when that changes our prospects will, too.

Josh Krisinger, Burke