Readers of the April 30 Real Estate article “Suburban dash” were left with a negative impression of the schools in Mount Rainier.

I am a white, middle-class millennial who works in the District and owns a home in Mount Rainier. My oldest child is in his second year at our neighborhood school, Thomas Stone Elementary. When our second child is of age, I expect he will attend that school, too.

Is there room for improvement at Thomas Stone? Yes, just as there always is in every school. But when I evaluate the school, I use three metrics: Does my son seem challenged by his schoolwork? Is he happy? Is he safe? Thus far, the answer to all three has been “yes.”

In my experience, real estate agents and sites such as GreatSchools are poor substitutes for talking to a principal or touring a school. Instead, they perpetuate a legacy of racial segregation. White families move into a community but they don’t send their kids to the local school; they’ve already absorbed the idea that it’s no good.

Even in the Real Estate section, The Post has a responsibility to tell the real story instead of making assumptions.

Sarah Christopherson, Mount Rainier