I am a longtime reader of comic strips, going back as far as the “Katzenjammer Kids,” but I have to admit that trying to understand The Post’s new “WuMo” strip has licked me. I suspect that the two Scandinavian cartoonists are just playing with our American naïveté, that there really is no meaning, no joke, except the fun in watching us pretend we have solved the mystery. Perhaps The Post could be the first newspaper to put a caption under the strip explaining the meaning, if there is one. Help!

David Naley, Springfield

I have been shamed into writing this letter. When I first read that “Get Fuzzy” was being pulled from my paper, I was saddened and disappointed, but so much of life saddens and disappoints, doesn’t it? I’ll admit it, I was apathetic. Now I just feel pathetic for letting others fight my battles for me [“The unwelcome loss of ‘Get Fuzzy,’ ” Free for All, Nov. 9].

If so many readers miss “Get Fuzzy” as much as I do, then surely I am compelled to add my voice to theirs in calling for its return to the pages of The Post. Damn the cost. Just pay the money. Pffft!

Gerald J. Trabucco, Springfield

Regarding the letters about ‘Get Fuzzy,’ which occupied more than a quarter of the Nov. 9 Free for All page:

Why does The Post have any cartoons in a newspaper that is supposed to be published for adults? Is it a newspaper or a comic book?

Gary Donnelly, Clifton