While I found the Metro article “Book Festival has just the right tome” [Sept. 23] charming, The Post didn’t mention the gathering of a few hundred teenagers who came to hear author John Green speak, and more important, to stand in line for upward of two hours to have him sign their copies of his books.

Getting any teenager out of bed before noon on a Saturday is almost impossible, but my 17-year-old was raring to go at 7 a.m.

Green was transparent and direct, telling interesting stories and answering a series of very good questions from the audience. The author inspires and excites his readers and treats them like the intelligent individuals they are (or can be). At one point, Green had to ask the screaming fans to quiet down, as other authors were speaking in tents nearby. Does this happen so often that it’s not worth mentioning in an article covering the event?

On the other hand, it was a great illustration for my daughter that a reporter’s view of an event can be very different from how others experienced it.

Leslie Atkin, Kensington